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The Deaf Reading Group and Travel Literature Lectures

Dedicate Ourselves to Fulfilling Cultural Equity

The MOC in recent years has actively promoted the policies of “Cultural Equity,” put efforts into upholding the disabled’ cultural rights and interests, and advanced the implementation of international conventions and the relevant provisions of the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act. The National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) has spared no effort to offer services to diversified audience. However, with many restrictions imposed on using monuments, we have some fundamental rethinking of the way in presenting the characteristics of “literature.” Therefore, we formulated annual and medium-range objectives to set up model sites for serving the deaf community. For the long-range objectives, we hope we could break down the barriers originated from the culture or society. For example, for audiences who have discernible physical disability, visual impairment, or intellectual disability; and for aborigines and permanent residents who have potential differences, we offer a variety of facilities and resources for them to enjoy comfortable, unrestrained museum services, and to participate in exciting cultural events to enrich their spiritual life with the same easiness and equality.

In 2014, the NMTL formulated “NMTL Guideline on Cultural Participation for the Disabled and Setting up Advancement Team” and engaged experts and scholars to join the Advancement Team to have regular meetings to review the promotion tasks. We have improved software services, in addition to upgrade hardware equipment. To provide the disabled with a friendly museum, we have planned out and conducted a series of training programs and workshops for the staff of the museum to enhance their understanding of the diversified audience’s demands to prepare them for carrying out professional, friendly, considerate services.

Fly Across Borders • Limits: The Deaf Reading Group and Travel Literature Lectures

The NMTL, in 2015, has made “travel literature” a central theme and actively planned out reading groups and lectures for the deaf community. We have invited devoted explorers in both literature and travel as guides to take us to the journey of flying past together the limit of the speed of sound and the boundaries to enjoy the solid literary rhythm originated from the depth of the soul. We welcome audience and/or persons who are interested in the language, culture, and literature for the deaf community with open arms to join us and experience for yourself the library resources and exhibition facilities, while encouraging the public’s awareness and acceptance of the deaf culture, in order to fulfill the principles of culture equity.

Fly Across Borders • Limits: The Deaf Reading Group and Travel Literature Lectures

14:00–16:30, Sunday, 2015-08-30
Topic: Sharing My Traveling Experience to the United States
General Participants: Ku Yushan (Former General Director of Taipei Theatre of the Deaf), Lu Yihsin (General Director of New Visions, New Voices Theatre Company)
Sign Language Interpreter: Li Cailian

14:00–16:30, Sunday, 2015-10-25
Topic: My Travel Notes and My Experience
General Participants: Cai Shihong (committee member of Cultural Equity Promotion Committee, National Museum of Taiwanese Literature), Zhao Yuxuan (travel writer)
Sign Language Interpreter: Huang Biyu, Huang Shengfen

14:00–16:30, Sunday, 2015-11-22
Topic: Cultural Assets of Sign Language and Semantic Appreciation and Analysis
General Participants: Chang Junghsing (Professor and Director, Institute of Linguistics, National Chung Cheng University), Chen Xiaoyi (Secretary-general, Taiyang Culture and History Research Association)
Sign Language Interpreter: Huang Biyu

Online Registration: Literature and Arts Platform, Ministry of Culture, at http://event2.culture.tw/NMTL/portal/Index/IndexAction
Please keep an eye on messages on library fan page at https: //www.facebook.com/nmtllib
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Date: 2015-08-30~2015-11-22
Venue: 2nd Floor, No. 1 Meeting Room

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