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Past Exhibits
Past Exhibits
Pulchella Returns—Penghu Literature Exhibition

Penghu Island was one of the stopover points for Han Chinese’s journey to Taiwan!

Han’s exposure to Penghu was well before to Taiwan, and Han culture was first introduced into Penghu and then Taiwan. Penghu Island, as an entrance through which travelers from China to Taiwan must pass, had had a pivotal role in history, transportation, and the spread of culture.

“Pulchella Returns,” the motif of this exhibition, is designed to articulate the island’s alternative name “Pulchella Island,” named for the county flower, to present her nature of fortitude and resilient vitality, which is proper to shine the Penghu people, their life, and even literature. The development of Penghu literature demonstrated its indomitable spirit and ever-renewing character in a harsh environment, just like the pulchella. Therefore, the flower’s “return” makes us revisit what are the characteristics of this Island, which has the same terrain as Taiwan, from the perspectives of “geography,” “history,” and the “Eight Views.” What have these characteristics brought to the attainment of culture and literature? With “literature” as an axis, the different life and literature of the islanders, who are backed by the mountains and face the waters, are revealed in “the narratives of ordinary people’s life.” “Education on the Island: Enroot and Grow” shows how the classical enlightenment had been carried out at Aragonite Academy (Wenshih Academy) and Xiying Poetry Society (西瀛吟社), what they had achieved and spread to other islands. In addition, modern literature is making it big since winning literary awards. “The Beauty of the Island’s Singing” presents you the features of Po-koa, legends, and proverbial folk literature that are unique to Penghu. And “Farewell Pulchella” is to guide the audience through macro perspectives to read rich, diverse Penghu literature of diversified writings by local writers and writings about Penghu by authors in other parts of the country.

Exhibition Section 1: “Encounter Penghu”
Figure 1 Exhibition Section 1: “Encounter Penghu”

Exhibition Section 3: “Education on the Island: Enroot and Grow”
Figure 2 Exhibition Section 3: “Education on the Island: Enroot and Grow”

Exhibition Section 4: “The Beauty of the Island’s Singing”
Figure 3 Exhibition Section 4: “The Beauty of the Island’s Singing”

Date: 2015-07-22~2016-02-17

Venue: 1st Floor, Exhibition Room C

Last Updated on 2016-08-05
Opening Hours
Tues. to Sun.
from 9:00 to 18:00
Free Admission
No.1, Zhongzheng Rd., West Central District, Tainan City 70041, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
(+886) 6-221-7201
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